1. How do you get your documents to your bookkeeper? There are different ways to send information to your virtual bookkeeper. You can use Google Drive, HubDoc, Dropbox, your smart phone, email, or snail mail. It’s easier than you think.

2. How long does it take to set up an online accounting service? The condition of your books is key, if you're current it could take as little as a week to set up your bookkeeping services online.

3. Why should I use virtual bookkeeping services over an in-house bookkeeper? - The cost is significantly less. We’re a dedicated team member without the staff expense. - Our tools and software are upgraded regularly. - Our packages are tailored to your needs. - We are dedicated to helping you save time and money. - We give you more time to work on your business.

4. Is there a contract? Our engagement letter is a month-to-month obligation; that you may conclude at any time.

5. Are there setup fees? Set up fees are included if your books are current, if they need to be updated to current month there is a onetime fee based on the amount of back work needed.

6. How do I access my accounting software? All you need is a computer/tablet/smart phone the internet, username and a password.

Virtual Bookkeeping is Ideal for the small business

  • Bookkeeping to the MAX specializes in online bookkeeping for the small business.

  • We focus on managing the financial details and the organization of them so you don’t have to. Maximizing your time and saving you money.

  • We give you a team member who is at your fingertips and ready to serve you.

  • Bookkeeping to the MAX is located in New Castle, Delaware. We do not outsource our work. This means that your bookkeeper is located and trained in the US.

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